Your Truth is your Medicine Immersion

Does this sound like you?

 You feel there is no space for you in the life you’ve built. You feel trapped and are ready to create a life that aligns with the truth of who you are.

 You are ready to take off the masks you are wearing in your life and be accepted and loved for all of who you are.

 You want to look under every rock of your life (career, friendships, familial relationships, romantic relationships, relationship with self) and take an inventory of what is “heavy” and get clear on what’s a hell yes and what’s a no. 

 You want to be more vulnerable, transparent, open, and connected with yourself and everyone in your life. 

 You know your truths but are shit scared to act. To begin. You desire to reflect, support, and love the stubborn part of you that is afraid. You are done getting ready to be ready and are willing to step forward now.

 You are craving clarity. You deeply want your power back and to know how to take the steering wheel of your life into your own hands. 

 You are ready to meet yourself and let people go who aren’t loving you exactly as you love yourself.

 You desire to liberate yourself, create freedom, and don’t desire to spend $30,000 on personal development seminars and coaches. You are ready to cultivate internal permission and become your own GPS system for your life.

You desire to stop avoiding and numbing yourself and want to commit to living a life in truth. A life where you have the courage to honour you.

 You are ready to be the yes you have been searching for outside.

 You are ready to go “all in” to living and owning the truth of who you are.

 You want to walk through this world with a deep understanding that all of you—your art, feelings, boundaries, needs belong. You want to live that belonging so deeply nothing shakes you. 

 You are ready to be your own medicine by finally saying yes to the individual unique truths of who you are.

 You desire to return to your inherent unquestionable belonging and make a bed in your truths.

 You desire to learn how to integrate your truths with grace—to make small and big changes from a place of love and compassion that respects and honours not only you but everyone in your life that your choices may affect.

 You desire a sit in a container and community of people committed to the truth of who they are—to witness and be witnessed as you shapeshift into the real you. You don’t want to do this alone.

You desire to integrate with me first on a 3 month LIVE group coaching experience and an end of year half-day virtual coaching event.

You desire to have the opportunity to not just be guided by me, but also be taught directly by my own mentors. You want access to exclusive pre-recorded workshops with 24+ of my own mentors whose genius zone is truth.

Imagine if you could...

 Stop feeling trapped, unhappy, and reliant on the external world to give you permission to change your life.

✷ Tap into your innermost guide and let you lead you to a fuck yes community, home, career, and relationships. Be your own GPS system for the rest of your life.

Come home to yourself. Unlock unlimited joy and freedom and live a life of liberation that contains the truth of who you are in every area of your life. Find what calls your spirit alive and stay.


Your Truth is your Medicine Immersion

Your truth is your greatest medicine. This is a one-year immersion container built to support you in identifying, integrating, and acting upon your truths. Learn to flex your truth muscle here, create muscle memory, and then rinse and repeat for the rest of your life.

The Curriculum

We identify your truths. Welcome to clarity. You have the opportunity to sit with and meet your truths in the contexts of:

Vices + Numbing

Integrity within your Agreements 

Relations with Family

Relations with Friends

Your contentment or discontent

 in the city you live in

Relations with your romantic partner or spouse

Relations with yourself 

Relation and joy derived from your career and work.



We lean into the integration of the truths you may have just named or know already. We walk with compassion and look at integrating these truths with grace for ourselves and those around us. We look at where you might be feeling trapped, afraid, or anxious to make a change. We hold space for that here with love and understanding.



We look at what I call external permission and or mentors. Who in your life is living in courage and alignment with the truth of who they are? I believe all mentors are mirrors to the parts of ourselves we have inside, but have not yet stepped fully into. We sit with why you admire these people, and what they have to teach you about your next steps in your journey home to yourself.


External Permission

We lean into internal permission which is when we stop looking outside of ourselves for permission to act upon our truths—and start taking small and large steps into courageous action to live a life drenched only in the truth vibrating inside of ourselves. Sometimes we have been “getting ready to be ready” for a long time. At the end of the day—you must give yourself internal permission to create sustainable change and to build a life that contains the truth of who you are--in all aspects of your life. You are the yes or no you have been searching for outside.


Internal Permission

Where you have the opportunity to act with great courage and align yourself with the truth of who you are.  Let’s go all-in and lift our feet fully. It’s time.


Courageous Action

Making space for, and embodying the truth of who I am has been my greatest medicine and teacher.

I create this one-year immersion + community of truth because 8 years ago I was living a life where I was miserable and I had no idea how to reinvent myself. I was bartending until 4 AM living in a city that I hated—I was unhappy and trapped.

I have been there.

The key to my liberation was identifying, integrating, and owning the truth of who I was.

This is how I free-d myself.

Since then I have worked as a facilitator with 1000’s of people who feel trapped and supported them in building a life, career and relationships that contains the truth of who they are. 

I have created this immersion and one-year community experience as a roadmap for you to learn how to honour the truth of who you are. For you to walk it with yourself, me, this community, and my own mentors and create muscle memory that can be followed, rinsed, and repeated for the rest of your life as you continue to change, grow, and expand.

Being committed to living in truth is a lifelong journey—consider this a place to get acquainted, and comfortable with continuously expanding to make space for you that will continue to show itself to you for the rest of your life.

It is also a place to integrate fully over the next 12 months besides other people committed to living in courage.

On this journey, I will share my personal story of how I untrapped myself and stepped into my light. It also contains stories of my clients, tools, and 80+ worksheets to support you in your journey back into yourself.

We don’t need to spend $30,000 dollars on personal development seminars and walk on fire while Joe from Texas yells “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” in our faces—what we need is to fall deeply and honestly into the truth of who we are and become our own GPS systems.

Not only is building a life that only contains the truth of who you are a gift for you but a gift for everyone in your life — for when we heal ourselves, we heal this world.

This is your guide to knowing, honoring, and sharing your truth to live in sovereignty with yourself.
Come for a walk with me—and meet yourself.
This could be you!



“This program helped more than the therapy I was doing, to the point that the therapist asked if I even wanted to see her anymore!”


“I was feeling stuck with not knowing my purpose in life, I felt trapped in the city I live in and in a few of my close relationships which felt energy draining. After having completed most of Your Truth is Your Medicine I now feel 100% more free than when I started. I quit an energy draining project, I ended two relationships, I had sweaty conversations with three other relationships which have all now improved, I found my truth buried inside and am actively pursuing it, I feel more balanced and I see the gifts of the city I live in once again.”


“I was trapped in a 16-year relationship with an addict and I finally left after starting this program!!!”


"I was feeling trapped in my mentality-- like I wasn't growing in the ways that I wanted to. I felt controlled by my relationship with my mother. While I was fulfilled in my career and my relationship, I definitely didn't have the vocabulary to explain that either. I have absolutely shifted so much of my life since the start of Your truth is Your Medicine! I have a healthier relationship with my support job, I have learned to set boundaries with my mother, and I am CONSTANTLY learning about the things that light me up!”


"I was just starting a coaching certification, but lacked confidence and ownership of that area of my life. I felt stuck professionally, but was scared to speak my truth to my boss, my parents, my boyfriend. Your Truth is Your Medicine program provided me with amazing support in owning my truth. I feel like I have integrated that I do not serve anyone by dimming my light or not showing up in my truth. I have also taken much more responsibility in my partnership, and that has had a positive impact on our communication and connection."


“I am unapologetic in standing in my Truth. And it is beautiful to see the ripple effect into all areas of life as a result. The internal shifts are reflected in the externals..."


"I am 29 years old and I am a lesbian. I grew up in a suffocating, small, conservative town and received many, many, many messages while growing up that it isn't okay to be me. Through the work of this program I am finally feeling like my sexuality is something I should never, ever hide.”

Why Truth Immersion + a one-year community?

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Last year, we shifted from the age of Pisces, which is rooted in individualism and suffering (which we have been in for the last 2300 years) to the age of Aquarius which is based in community and unity.

It is time to create our community. To align with who we have resonance with and sit together.

I want you to witness and be witnessed by others doing the same work. You are not alone in the liberation you are seeking. Many of us are ready to speak and live our truths. Part of this journey and group program will be having a fire lit inside of you by witnessing others choosing themselves and their truth alongside you.

Part of this journey will be sitting with me every week for the first 3 months and having the opportunity to be coached and see others lead themselves home by committing with courage to the truth of who they are.

Part of this soul renovation will be gaining exclusive access to 24+ workshop recordings with my own mentors (including Gay Hendricks, Suzy Batiz, Mark Groves) to not just further integrate but also be reminded what abundance, success, and love come from aligning with our gifts.

Consider these 12 months a devotion to proper integration and support needed to solidify into your spirit why truth is the way.

This is your Shavasana. This is you steeping the tea of who you are.

In this year of truth, you’ll have access to a three-month live group coaching immersion with me with weekly Q&A calls, the Your Truth is Your Medicine digital course with 80+ worksheets, over 24 pre-recorded workshops from my Teachers of Truth series featuring lessons and classes from my very own mentors including Gay Hendricks, Mark Groves, Suzy Batiz and more, a half-day end of year virtual group coaching retreat, a 365 daily journal prompt workbook, an exclusive Facebook Community filled with other truth-seekers to connect with, and access to my Meet Yourself in Truth mini-course +24 worksheets.


Still curious?

What's included:

✵ Access to ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ Digital Course with 80+ worksheets.

 A 3-month group coaching immersion with weekly 60-minute LIVE Q&A calls with Janne Robinson while you navigate the course.

A half-day end of year virtual group coaching retreat with Janne for further integration and completion.

 A global YTIYM Facebook community of other truth seekers to share the journey home with. Note: Janne will not be present inside the Facebook Community, the community is a space for members of the program to connect with and support each other in their shared discovery and commitment to truth.

 365 daily journal prompt workbook to keep reflecting and running into the truth of who you are.

Access to Janne’s Meet Yourself in Truth mini-course +24 worksheets.

Over 24 pre-recorded workshops from the Teachers of Truth series featuring lessons and classes from Janne's very own mentors including Gay Hendricks, Mark Groves, Suzy Batiz, and more.

Have an opportunity to be taught from Janne’s teachers and mentors directly in these workshop recordings and hear how their truth has been their greatest liberation, freedom, and healing for not only themselves but this world.

Who it's for?

This immersion program is for anyone desiring to commit to building a life that contains the full truth of who they are.

You desire to DIY with the “Your truth is your medicine” course, but want access to Janne for support as you move through the course in the first 3 months if questions arise. You want to connect with other people who are here to connect with and know themselves. You want to share your wins and struggles in a place with other people walking the same journey, at the same time as you. You then want accountability in the context of the initial group coaching support calls with Janne and the workshop recordings with Janne’s mentors and Teachers of Truth. 

This is a year of meeting, owning, and integrating who you are—together.

Why ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ Immersion?

Because although your truth is the key to your liberation—having accountability, mentors, and encouragers to stay on the path of truth is part of what free-d Janne.

This one-year community allows accountability and integration in a way that supports the sustainable change.

There is great power in witnessing one another choosing change. Through facilitating group coaching experiences, workshops, and retreats Janne has seen many people deeply liberated by witnessing others step into the truth of who they are. This year is an opportunity to see Janne take people from trapped to liberated, from fear to courage, and to have any questions answered that may arise while you walk through this journey into the truth of who you are.

You are in charge of changing your life—but you don’t need to do this alone.

Be reminded daily of the gift of living in truth by all the different modalities of support of this community.

Meet the Teachers of Truth



 “The Truth of your Genius”


“The Truth of your Aliveness”


"The Truth of Grounded Spirituality, and Embodied Sacred Purpose"


“Use Boundaries To Find & Protect Your Truth" + "Love Should Feel Free"


 “The Truth of your Voice”


“The Truth of Starting Over"


“The Truth of Love”


“The Truth of Creativity"


"The Truth About the Fragmented Self"


 “The Truth of your Body”


"The Truth of Living with Nature"


“The Truth of your Pain Body”


"Truth of Coming Home to Yourself"


“The Truth of your Vagina”


“The Truth of your Breath”


“The Truth Within”

IN-Q (Adam)

"The Truth of Liberated Love"


"The Truth of our Trauma"


 “The Truth of Kindness”


"The Truth about Change"


"Truth and Purpose:

Wisdom from 5 years in the Wild"


"The Truth of Healing"


"The Truth of Dance"


"The Truth of Feeling Better"


“The Truth of Freeing Your Energy"


“The Truth of Breathing into the Infinity of Your Heart”


"The Truth of Getting Turned On by your Business"


Extra BONUS?
I got you!

In creating my ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ I realized that before we run face-first into the truth of who we are—we need to sit with how we are running away from ourselves.

There is a step 0.5 that was missing for me.

That’s why I created ‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ which is the foundational course for ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’.

‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ is all about airing out the dirty laundry of the life we’ve created that doesn’t feel like ours.

We look at:

The 4 biggest limiting beliefs getting in the way of you living your truth

How your broken agreements are hurting you and getting in the way of you trusting yourself and making changes in your life

How you’re running away from the truth of who you are: Vices + Numbing

I filmed ‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ live with a Beta Group of over 5000 people!

It was fire—and an incredibly supportive step in the process so I decided to include access to this foundational course to you for free as a bonus, with your purchase of ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ digital course.

Please note: These videos are raw and unedited, and were filmed live with over 5000 people in a Beta Group experience last July 13th-23rd of 2020.

What my students are saying...

Please note: The testimonial videos below are from students and beta testers who participated in the creation and filming of the ‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ digital course. ‘Meet yourself in Truth’ does not include any workshops, group coaching, or community.  Students may reference these things in their videos, but ‘Meet yourself in Truth’ is a DIY course only.


"When I first heard Janne speak I immediately realized--Oh, this is somebody who's in her truth, this is somebody who is speaking what's true for her. This is somebody that lives it and walks it—this isn't just a coach who's trying to get you to do some system or something, she's actually wanting you to reveal yourself to yourself and to the world and to stop hiding. And in this course she supports you in doing that—she leads you through exercises where you're able to go down underneath all the layers of the things that are hiding who you really are and your voice. And you’re able to find where you step out of alignment and out of integrity, out of responsibility—where you stop taking accountability and you learn how to tune in with yourself and how to get back on track, how to feel your feelings, how to not get stuck in the stories and how to move on."


"One of the biggest takeaways I got from this workshop was resonance. And before I go into that I want to just kind of tell you a little bit about myself—as a fat woman in this world it’s been hard for me to take up space. And through this course Janne taught me a lot about resonance, and it's clear to me now that the people who don't resonate with me are the ones that have told me that I take up too much space or that I'm too loud or that I’m too much."


"Janne stands in the power of her leadership from this place of vulnerability that is so extremely powerful. We live in a world where everything is very masculine, very dynamic—very point A to point B and Janne teaches in a way which is more grounded, more feminine, more vulnerable, and more open. This is exactly what the world needs. I would say nowadays whoever has a strong will to become a leader in our world definitely has something to learn from Janne—whether a man or a woman."


"I cannot even begin to explain how much this course has already impacted my life. What I took away from this and heard the loudest was that we are doing ourselves and the world a disservice by being a watered-down version of who we are. I definitely struggle with the ‘I'm not good enough’ limiting belief, all the time. And what that looks like for me is hiding the parts of me that I feel like aren't ready for the world to see."


"This course took me through a journey to see any place that I was not being honest with myself—any place I was avoiding or hiding parts of myself. And it's really subtle. I felt like Janne held my hand and was also direct to get me into that place to ‘Joy—where is it you are not honoring you? Get in alignment with you and your values and what you want in your life. And what are those excuses that you have? Let’s go over the excuses’. What I felt just merely in her voice was the work she’s put in and the depth. I felt the depth that she’s gone to meet herself—to be able to show up for us and to walk us through that journey."


"The agreements session really hit me. Hearing Janne say all the things that I really needed to hear but in such a loving and compassionate manner was truly an aha moment for me. It was like I already had the understanding and I just had to hear the words for it to click like a puzzle piece—there were happy tears. And that one hit me because I realized I'm almost 30 and for most of that time on Earth, I've kind of been welcoming death. I've been tired. I have been exhausted. I didn't have time to do the things I wanted to do because I was so busy making agreements and commitments to things that I felt obligated to do. So I isolating myself every chance that I could. And I just wanted to sleep. And I wanted to numb myself."


"Janne you have led us through this journey in such a way that I've never seen anyone do before. You have this power of looking at all of us—straight into the heart of our soul—making us feel just how powerful we are and like nothing else in this world matters but us and right now. When you spoke things like ‘No other you will ever walk this earth’ I felt it in my stomach—I felt it in my body. I realized that by not living my truth, I am stealing from myself but I'm also stealing from those that I love and this earth that I love and that I want to protect."

COME BACK TO TRUTHand dive deep in the support of Janne’s presence, and others who are walking themselves home in this immersion + one-year community experience.
About Janne

Blunt, raw, and immediately accessible emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to all who read her words—Janne Robinson is an author, societal visionary, counterculture poet, film director, retreat leader, international speaker, and truth coach. Robinson’s work as an artist and facilitator is to encourage people to become accessible to their truths. She believes that our world is sick—and truth is our medicine.


So let me ask you,are you ready to...




Participate in weekly LIVE group Q&A calls with Janne for the first 3 months to learn directly from her and have her answer your questions on how to discover and live your truth.

Invest in yourself and join a community of like minded individuals on a journey committed to finding their inner truths and their fuck yes’s in life.

Discover what your inner spirit wants and how to have the courage to make changes in your life so that you are living in your truth.




Access to ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ Digital Course and 80+ worksheets (VALUE: $497)

 Truth Immersion: (13) 60-minute live breakthrough Q&A group calls with Janne (VALUE: $6,000)

 Access to our global YTIYM Facebook community to connect and share with other participants (community and connection is invaluable)

✔ 365 daily journal prompt workbook to print or complete online aimed at providing insight and deeper connection with yourself ($97)

24+ pre-recorded workshops from the Teachers of Truth series featuring lessons and classes from Janne's very own mentors including Gay Hendricks, Mark Groves, Suzy Batiz, and more (VALUE: $2400)

End of year virtual half-day live group coaching event with Janne for further integration and completion (VALUE: $1500)

Extra Bonus: Access to ‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ intro course +24 worksheets (VALUE: $197)


Access to ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine’ Digital Course and 80+ worksheets (VALUE: $497)

Truth Immersion: (13) 60-minute live breakthrough Q&A group calls with Janne (VALUE: $6,000)

 Access to our global YTIYM Facebook community to connect and share with other participants (community and connection is invaluable)

365 daily journal prompt workbook to print or complete online aimed at providing insight and deeper connection with yourself ($97)

24+ pre-recorded workshops from the Teachers of Truth series featuring lessons and classes from Janne's very own mentors including Gay Hendricks, Mark Groves, Suzy Batiz, and more (VALUE: $2400)

End of year virtual half-day live group coaching event with Janne for further integration and completion (VALUE: $1500)

Extra Bonus: Access to ‘Meet Yourself in Truth’ intro course +24 worksheets (VALUE: $197)








*Save $167 by paying in full

Full Pay BONUS

Virtual VIP Poetry night with Janne.

I love it when clients pay in full. There’s something psychologically relaxing for humans to just go “all in”. It’s like purchasing a (10) class yoga pass—you have the pass so you’re FULLY committed to going. You’re laying on your couch and you don’t even think about and chew on the cost of paying for a drop-in class—you’re just like “Oh damn, got the fucking pass—better go!”

So—if you go all-in with me—I’m going to break down some juicy, fiery poems with you for an exclusive Virtual VIP Poetry Night.

Bring wine, bring tea—just bring yourself.

**All-in bitches invited only.


Don't just take my word for it!


"Your Truth Is your medicine has been a miraculous experience. It has been life-altering in so many ways. I have grown in ways that I just don’t even know how I can put into words. I feel like I trust myself. I feel like I see the beauty in my perfect imperfection, I feel like there is no one else that’s me, and that what a gift it is to show up in the world as myself, in all my truth. I’ve come to love my physical body and appreciate it for all of the amazing things it allows me to do every day. I’ve dealt with dark corners of inner child and shadow work that have been just of kind of lingering and influencing how I show up today. I have so much gratitude for Janne and this course and this work and for guiding me through following my truth. I think a good analogy is, I picture myself like a tree that is super rooted right now. And, you know my branches might wave in the breeze, but ultimately I’m not going to get uprooted and blown down the block. I’m solid in my own grounding and that is a feeling that I just can’t describe. I feel like now that I’m living in my truth, I will never do anything but that. And what a gift. Thank you."


"Janne holds space for you to become who you truly are. She played a big role for me in accepting my own power and accepting my big vision. I truly recommend the work with her. So If you desire to get close to yourself, get close to your heart, and find your truth. If you desire to give something back to this world that is truly a blessing because you are a blessing, then work with her and be part of that journey."


"Working with Janne I healed from an eating disorder that I struggled with for most of my adolescence. I didn't even know I was still holding on to the pain and the trauma that came from that. I have reached a place of financial freedom in my business I used to only dream about. I now know how to ask for what I need in a relationship, and I have the courage to walk, when it does not honor me at the deepest level of my worth. It is impossible to be in Janne’s presence and not step into the next level of who you are. When I said yes to working with Janne a couple of years ago, I did not have the time, the resources, or the energy. I had every excuse and the heart cue to say yes was stronger than that excuse and I can tell you from the very bottom of my soul that that yes, changed my life."


"I met Janne 5 years when I was coming out of a 15-year marriage and setting my compass. I learned what my F yes's were and I kept those true to my soul. I am now creating a legacy with my children. What I wanted I desired and wanted in a partner--I found. We’ve created a world together--we blended our kids in the house that I envisioned in my work with Janne. I love the world that I have created and am 100% certain it’s because of Janne."


"Working with Janne has been one of if not the most profound and transformational chapters in my life. I have worked with many, many coaches before—but none like Janne. One of the things that took me back the most was how much love she brings to every call—you feel 100% supported. When I think about the amount of change in my life in relation to the amount of time I have been working with Janne it is absolutely mind-blowing. I don’t recognize the person I was 6 months ago. I have moved from being a complete question mark to navigating life and relationships better and am building a career that is a true embodiment of myself. I leave every session feeling so powerful and full of energy and possibility that I am too excited to sleep that night."


"Working with Janne was beyond transformational for me. I am highly skeptical of phrases like “holding space” and “living your truth”. After working with Janne--literally after our first meeting--I understood what those words meant. I began to speak my truth and understand what my truth meant to me. Working with Janne gave me the power to move through the world in a way that is so grounded in my truth."


"Working with Janne has changed my life in damn near every way. Janne doesn’t let you go into those sticky places alone—she goes with you. Janne leads with such tenderness and compassion in her work that you never feel alone."


"I was in Jannes's group, Your Truth Is Your Medicine for almost a year now, and I was just looking back at the last year, and how much I have grown and changed since then, and I was inspired to write a poem about it...



"What an empowering year it's been. I would say my biggest takeaway from the Your Truth Is Your Medicine is that I really started to speak my truth way bigger and more clear than ever before and to speak up for myself, and the things that I needed, and by just having the sounding board and the support of the community was so helpful and other people that were coming to their truth and wanting to live it. I ended relationships, I created new relationships, I cleared out spaces, I moved to a new part of the world. It was such beautiful support and I've learned to parent myself from the inside. It's been so powerful, I can't even imagine where I would be without having done it this last year, and I made some incredible friends along the way. If you're thinking about doing it, do it! F*cking do it. It will change your life."

More success stories
from Your Truth is Your Medicine Graduates

“I was feeling trapped in all aspects of my life. My relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner, living in a city I did not have resonance with, in a career I hated and dreaded. I'm now in an artsy community in the mountains, in a super healthy mental state with amazing tools for finding and nurturing a healthy romantic relationship and I started an art business where I feel meaning and connection.” —CORINA S.

“I'm about to take three months off of my Metaphysical Shop to re-set and reignite my passion. Before this course I would have never been able to make that leap! I'm finally TRULY stepping into my power and sovereignty!” —EMMA S.

“I felt trapped in many areas and it has shifted in big ways towards holding my own power. I don't feel trapped in those areas, and I know how to shift. I own my voice. I have better connection with my own emotions, and what are and are not mine. This was huge for me. I feel more grounded in who I am, and that I can embrace who I am in all ways of life.” —ASHLEY M.

“Janne really helps bring people to the heart of the matter to reach their vulnerability, and their authenticity and to go back and often in their childhood and to do something she calls a redo. She guides people through a redo in visualizations so that you can get to the root of the issue that you’re experiencing as an adult.” —MICHELLE OUELETTE

“For me, Your Truth is Your Medicine has created a sense of confidence and clarity within myself that I didn't possess before in such a secure way. It was always tenuous at best, but now that I have done the work to go into what's true for me and know this is an evolving thing, my truth, me, I am evolving, I am changing, I'm constantly growing. It’s fucking beautiful. I’m in it, and I invite you to get in it too, because life's a lot better, it's a lot easier, it's a lot more fun, it’s juicier. I've lost some relationships, I've made new ones, particularly a friendly one with myself.” —PATRICK BOOM

“A big win was learning how to accept all the different parts of myself that before I felt kind of conflicted or didn't all fit together properly, like the part of me that loves writing and music and aerial gymnastics and nursing and being able to build a lifestyle that has space for all of them so that I don't have to just choose one. I also learned how to communicate my needs really clearly with my partner and how to not self-censor. Another thing I really loved in Your Truth is Your Medicine was having a community that supported me and mentored me in this discovery that always provided insightful and non-judgmental support, as I kind of came to discover each of these truths.” —SHERIDAN PARKER

“I no longer feel as if I know the words but not how to change. I know how to change what I need now, I own my life in a different way. I am no longer afraid to be me and to be seen as me.” —CHERYL Z.

“I was feeling trapped in my own self not knowing how to make changes and own my truth like in my relationship, voice and business. Over the year it has started to evolve and shift. I have been able to find my voice more, I have been able to see my truth through the haze of the outside world and others noise and believe in myself more. I am still a work in progress and so grateful to have become unstuck and find my courage to own my truth in these areas better and be able to breathe deeper knowing I am not broken but a rebuilding mosaic.” —RHYANNA W.


Got questions?
I've got answers!


You will have access to the courses, and all recordings of LIVE group calls and half-day event with Janne and “Teachers of Truth” recordings for 12 months.


For the first 3 months of the year-long immersion, Janne will be hosting live group Q&A calls once per week via Easy Webinar that corresponds to a piece of the curriculum. The intention is to give you a space to bring your questions for each component of the course so you can successfully navigate each part and have your questions answered in live time. We are doing one call a week so you have time to fully integrate each lesson between calls.

The schedule is as follows:

Program Kickoff Call:

Thursday, July 8th @ 7-8 am PT

Where are you laying on the ground?

Q&A Call 1: Monday, July 12th @ 7-8 am PT

Cities are Soulmates

Q&A Call 2: Monday, July 19th @ 7-8 am PT

Family is a Choice

Q&A Call 3: Wednesday, July 28th @ 7-8 am PT

Who’s on the bus?

Q&A Call 4: Thursday, August 5th @ 12-1 pm PT

The Love I Choose

Q&A Call 5: Monday, August 9th @ 12-1 pm PT

Personal Truths

Q&A Call 6: Monday, August 16th @ 12-1 pm PT


Q&A Call 7: Monday, August 23rd @ 12-1 pm PT

Vices & Numbing

Q&A Call 8: Monday, August 30th @ 12-1 pm PT

Getting Ready to be Ready

Q&A Call 9: Wednesday, September 8th @ 12-1 pm PT

Trapped & External Permission

Q&A Call 10: Monday, September 13th @ 12-1 pm PT

Internal Permission

Q&A Call 11: Monday, September 20th @ 12-1 pm PT

But do you really want it?

Q&A Call 12: Friday, September 24th @ 12-1 pm PT

Arriving Deeper

Q&A Call 13: Monday, September 27th @ 12-1 pm PT

Please note: Teachers of Truth calls are pre-recorded and will be dripped slowly to you after our 3-month coaching immersion ends in October. The virtual half-day end of year group coaching retreat date is TBD but will be in the last month of our year together.


No, this is an exclusive opportunity. We are closing the cart to the public on Thursday, June 24th at midnight (2021) and are not sure when or if we will run this again. Janne is an ever-evolving woman and as she evolves, so do her offerings. If you feel called—join now as she may choose to retire this program and create something new.


Our weekly group coaching calls for the initial 3 months will be 60 minutes long. In addition to attending the calls, you can also expect another 60-90 minutes of course work a week (in video and worksheets) depending on how in-depth you want to take yourself. You could spend 2 hours in the worksheets or 20 minutes depending on how much shows up for you in each leg of the course. I would allocate 2 hours a week for our first 3 months. 

Please note the digital course portion of this program can be moved through as slowly or as quickly as you desire. Janne would prefer that you do the course over the first 12 weeks so that if you have any questions or hit any blocks--she can support you during the live Q&A calls.

The Teachers of Truth calls will be released slowly throughout the year--these sessions are 75 minutes long. I would dedicate 2-4 hours a month after October.


No. The commitment to purchasing this course is for the program in full, even if choosing our monthly payment plan. All purchases for ‘Your Truth is Your Medicine Immersion’ are final. This is not a subscription-based product—you are committed to making all payments once you begin.

HOWEVER, if you go through it all, show me all the work you actually do (complete all 80+worksheets of YTIYM and 24+ worksheets in MYIT, watch all the videos in Kajabi, attend the first 3 months of calls with me, etc.), and then come to the conclusion that it was somehow ultimately not helpful at all for you—show me your work, and I will issue a refund IF it is within 3 months of the program start date. No show me the work refunds will be issued after 3 months of the program start date.

If you have questions before enrolling, please shoot us an email at


More great results!


“Most therapists I know open the wounds but leave you alone with no tools. They do not focus on self-love and self-healing. You have clear boundaries that it's not you that is doing the "work" for us but you hold space and empower us so we know we are capable of healing ourselves. The most physical step into my personal alignment and a big change for me was for sure to let go of the sleeping pills I was taking for over 8 years.”


"I went into my sessions with Janne anticipating her to write me a how-to guide with a numerical list of directions on how to obtain what I thought would bring me happiness, love and freedom. Janne never did any of that; she taught me to find all the above within; to identify and let go of things that weren't healthy or prosperous. The truth was, the answers were within all along. I was too scared, not confident enough and lacked the support I required to go after my "answers". Janne was able to immediately pick this out and provide me with the encouragement and tools I needed to listen within, assess my thoughts and to either let them go or confidently pursue them.”


“I didn't know what to expect when Janne came into my world -- all I can say is: my heart has been blown open. After working with her for just one month, I am making changes in my life and in my heart that I knew I needed to make, but didn't know where to start. It felt too big. But she dives in with you. She sees you. She gives your permission. And she gives you REAL tools that you can implement right away. She calls you on your bs in the most gentle way. And she is able to uncover things that you had hidden so deep down you forget they were there. Janne walks her talk, and working with her has challenged me and inspired me in ways that I couldn't really have imagined. It's uncomfortable. It's scary. And all I can say is if everyone had a Janne in their life the world would be a better place. We would all be living in "Easy World". My marriage is growing stronger, my business is more productive, and I am happier on a soul level. Sessions with Janne have become my number one form of self-care, and they are invaluable. Thank you, Janne for holding space for the creators, the movers, the shakers, and the givers.”


“I feel like I've exhaled about 2 decades worth of expectations and emotional baggage I have placed on my shoulders and wasn't even aware of the weight that I was carrying. The biggest takeaway in working with Janne for me has been permission. Permission to feel it all, to be it all, to want it all, to have it all. I've felt simultaneously like too much and not enough for most of my life. I've numbed out the parts of me that were too much for others to handle, and compartmentalized my life based on how safe I felt because I was constantly letting other people and situations determine that for me. Now I know that safety lies within me and the permission I grant myself. I now realize that I can be and bring in every single aspect of myself fully to the table, and that that is actually necessary in order for me to live my fullest and most beautiful and true life. Anything else wouldn't be honouring myself or those around me.”


“There is not one part of me that has not been touched by this. I began this work and I was a closet coach, and writer. Living in the coldest town on earth, serving vodka sodas to men who literally attempted to buy me, or grab at me. I currently live in a jungle palace, driving a big dirty truck of my dreams. I wake up to the sunrise, and sleepy-eyed stumble to surf break I used to visualize as the place I could soak up the most abundant gratitude. I have never felt more at home in the skin that wraps my body-- each wrinkle, hair, cell, roll, and muscle I am coming home to as MINE. If that was the only piece I was able to grasp from this work, I would have felt as though I was flown to the moon.” 


“Working with Janne felt so much more real than other experiences. I've had some incredible teachers in my life but many out there are following a cookie-cutter script, an unnecessary set of rules that limits the experience, and a forced enthusiasm that feels contrived and unnatural. (Like, when you feel like shit, do you want someone to ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR TRUTH or invalidate your feelings by jumping up and down like a cheerleader waving plastic pom poms in your face?) I was able to establish immediate trust with Janne and the group because of the sheer honestly and vulnerability of every participant.”


“Janne helped me find my voice. She didn’t give me my voice but she helped unearth my inner spirit that was too afraid to speak. Before Janne, I lived life in fear - fear of what others thought of me and how I lived my life. If it wasn’t for Janne, I would still be struggling to survive while working at a job that I hate and dreaming of being a writer.”


"Within the first 5 minutes of our 1-1, it was clear there were other, more deep-seated issues demanding our attention. That’s the thing with Janne. You sit down on the floor together face-to-face, holding eye contact, and suddenly it feels totally normal to divulge all that’s out of alignment in your life (to someone you just met). She feels safe. I guess she creates space for you to go soft, for you to be ‘not okay’. She’s compassionate and understanding, while still holding you fiercely accountable for your choices. For me, this is how change started.”


“The only person who knows how to be me--IS me. It is safe to be who I am, truly, and through that freedom my people and dreams will show up.”


And more beautiful experiences...

"I am no longer confused, I am more confident and I trust myself much more in all areas of my life, and I am living with more authenticity and integrity. I believe this has led to me not experiencing any depressive episodes since starting this process, which is something I have struggled with most of my life. Working with Janne has had a positive effect beyond what I could have imagined on all aspects of me and my life." —BAHA NOURIAN

“I am asserting myself, setting boundaries, and addressing my needs all over town. My interpersonal relationships have vastly improved because of this stronger confidence I have with myself at every layer. I am no longer holding space for people that are not in harmony with me and I've spoken my truth daily without fear of repercussions. I've found myself feeling less guarded and more compassionate towards those that I previously felt threatened by.” —MEGAN FITZPATRICK

“I have never had a coach or mentor diver deeper into who I am to help me discover answers within myself. More often than not, I have been bombarded with their lessons, rather than being led to the answer. I didn’t give up my answers easily but you persisted when I resisted. I like that, I was scared and you forced me to face my fears.” —STEVIE KLICK

"Janne is a special soul who will undoubtedly inspire you to be more - or more accurately to realize you already have the power to be just what you always wanted to be: indeed, to be what you've always been. She helped shift my perspective and see myself in a whole new light. She showed me how to honor my worth and to go get from life what I truly desired from it." —IOAN HOLLAND

“I took Your Truth is Your Medicine because it spoke to me to deal with crap I had long kept buried. I wasn't necessarily looking for answers but tools, which could help to start shifting and being aligned with my core values. Has it shifted? Hell, yes! Personally, my boundaries with people are much clearer; I am reevaluating all my relationships, all of them one by one and assessing if they serve me at all! I am finally moving into my own apartment and owning my space. So, the shift has been tremendous, thank you.” —HARPREET K.


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